Construction sites are visited by a wide range of people, from contractors to owners. Make sure each and every person who visits your building site in Newcastle is kept as safe as possible with our range of safety platforms. We offer a range of three platforms for a range of different situations to minimise fall risk and protect the build. Our Void Platform is perfect for placing over voids to provide workers with safe access to different parts of the build during construction. The void platform also provides visitors and workers with fall protection when they working or as they are walking around. Our void platforms are flexible and adaptive, we use the plans of the build to select the best void platform layout for your project in Newcastle. We are able to supply Pitch Platforms, Hanging Platforms and Void Platforms in Newcastle. We service the wider Newcastle area as well.

Pitch Platform

Our Pitch Platforms are purpose built to allow for a three-planked walkway system complete with guard-rails. These types of platforms are designed to create a temporary walkway on construction sites to protect both workers and guests. The Pitch Platforms can easily be adjusted up to a 45° roof pitch and are designed to provide access to completed roofs and roofs still being constructed. This system is easily installed by our experienced and certified tradesmen to the roof frame for metal and tiled roofs. 

Hanging Platform

The Hanging Platform is highly versatile. This walkway system can be adjusted according to your heigh requirement or according to the size of your eaves. Easy to use when installed, the Hanging Platform is perfect for gutter, roof, truss, fascia and eave installation while providing safe access for all tradies on site. To organise a safety platform for your worksite, get in contact with us today and our friendly team will assist you.